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Install Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM on Android mobile (एंड्राइड मोबाइल सिस्टम में विंडोज 8 डालें)

एंड्राइड मोबाइल सिस्टम में विंडोज 8 डालें.
एक मोनोक्रोमेटिक सॉफ्टवेर द्वारा आप एंड्राइड प्लेटफार्म वाले सैमसंग गैलेक्सी Y5360 मोबाइल में विंडोज 8 डाल सकते है।
विंडोज 8 डालने के बाद एंड्राइड सिस्टम वापस डाला जा सकता है उसी मोबाइल में?
विंडोज 8 डालने के बाद उसी मोबाइल में पहले वाला एंड्राइड सिस्टम वापस डालने  के लिए आप रोम का बेक-अप ले लें और उसको रिस्टोर कर लिया करें।
रोम का बेक-अप लेने के लिए आप पॉवर रिकवरी मोड़ में जाएँ अपने ओरिजनल रोम के साथ और बस वहीँ पर आपको विकल्प मिलेगा बेक-अप रोम | 
उस पर क्लीक करने पर आपको थोड़ी देर प्रतीक्षा करनी होगी | ( १० मिनट से कम और आपकी रेम पर निर्भर ) |
आपकी मेमोरी कार्ड में ये एक फोल्डर बनकर ये तैयार रहेगी | यहीं रिस्टोर का आप्शन है |
कर लेना जब भी फोन गड़बड़ करें .....

पॉवर रिकवरी मोड़ में जाने के लिए आपको वही रीस्टार्ट के समय वोल्यूम और मेन वाला कार्य करना होगा ।

Install Windows 8 Monochromatic custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y

Windows 8 style rom is now available to install on Samsung Galaxy Y. After installing the custom ROM, your phone will looks like windows phone 8. The ROM is named as Monochromatic. The ROM includes everything looks like a windows operating system. It includes messaging app, dialer app and also launcher. Here is a guide to update your phone with Monochromatic Windows 8 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y.
The Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is normally comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as an Operating System. There is no official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade from Samsung mobile Support. Because the phone’s hardware configuration is not supported for the upgrade. The Phone is comes with 800 MHz processor, 3.2 Mega pixel camera, Capacitive touch Screen. Galaxy Ace s5360 is capable to run Windows phone 8 custom ROM.


  • We are not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this ROM. If any problem happens that related to installing, we will help you to solve it.
  • Use this guide at your own risk. We shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.
  • The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.
  • The steps given in this tutorial is only to use with Samsung Galaxy Y and the model number is S5360. Applying this guide to any other device or any other model may produce many problems.
  • Read and Understand the whole tutorial first, before going to perform the steps.

Pre Requirements:

  • SMS – How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Then maintain minimum 60% charge in your phone’s battery. This will help you to don’t get switched of your phone.
  • And disable any antivirus and firewalls too.

How to install Monochromatic Windows 8 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y:

  1. Download the ROM Monochromatic WP8 5.7.1 SYNERGY (NO KERNEL).zip – Here
  2. Then connect your phone with PC using USB cable and transfer the downloaded file to your mobile’s SD card.
  3. After that disconnect your phone from Computer.
  4. Switch off your phone and reboot in recovery mode.
  5. To open recovery mode in your mobile, press HOME + VOLUME UP + POWER button together.
  6. You can use Volume Up and Down keys to navigate and Home button to select an option.
  7. Then do wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, dalvik cache and format cache, format data, format system in the recovery.
  8. After that, select “Install Zip from SD card” then in next page select “Choose zip from SD card”
  9. Then select the downloaded zip file. And in next page confirm the selection.
  10. Wait for the process finish.
  11. In few minutes your phone will display a message completed in recovery mode.
  12. After that, select “Go back” option and then “reboot system now” to reboot your device.
  13. Note: First time boot will take some long time. It will install the ROM updates on first time restarting phone. It takes some minutes to show the home screen on first time.

Procedure to do Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360:

  • The Data in Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 won’t be deleted. We recommend you to make a backup it.
  • SMS –  How to Backup Messages
  • Contacts – Sync with Gmail App
  • Videos, Images, Songs and Other Files – Copy to internal / External SD card or System
  • APN Settings – Take Manual Note from “Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Your Phone should have a 60% Charge in your battery.
  • Enable USB Debugging – via “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Running Android 2.3.5 & 2.3.6:

  • You need drivers for your Galaxy Y to connect with your computer. So, download the drivers.
  • Then download the Unlock Root Tool – Here
  • Install the Unlock Root Software.
  • Open the Unlock Root Tool. Then connect your Phone via USB cable. Then it will show the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 in the list.

  • Just Select your phone.
  • Then click Root Button in Unlock Root Rooting Software.

  • In few minutes your Galaxy Y get rooted. Then it will ask you to install some other apps. Just click No button to ignore it.
  • Then it will ask you to reboot your phone. Just click OK Button to reboot your phone.
  • After rebooting check your phone is Super User app is installed or not. If the app is installed, your mobile was rooted successfully.

“Failed to get shell root permission!” – If you get this message do the following method to root:

  1. Download the from – Here
  2. Move it to the SD Card.
  3. Switch off your phone.
  4. And Restart in recovery mode by pressing HOME + Volume UP + POWER button.
  5. Then select “Update from SD Card”.
  6. After that choose the in SD card.
  7. Then choose reboot option in the recovery options to reboot.
  8. Now your Samsung Galaxy Y gets rooted.

How to install ClockWorkMod on Samsung Galaxy Y:

  1. Before installing ClockWorkMod custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Y, you need to root your Phone. Check this – How to root samsung galaxy y
  2. After that download the ClockWorkMod ROM Manager in Google Play storeHere
  3. Enable USB Debugging – “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”
  4. Open ROM Manager app in your Samsung Galaxy Y
  5. Click the “Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery“. This will download the ROM. So, you must enable network connection or Wifi. Then it will ask you to choose your phone model. Select Samsung Galaxy Mini as your phone.
  6. After that the ROM will be downloaded. Then reboot your phone.
चेतावनी-  यह कार्य किसी  विशेष की देख्रेरेख मे बदले वरना आपका मोबाइल खराब हो सकता है।
Disclaimer :
We are not Responsible for any Damages that may be happened to your Device in the process that we mentioned in the following guide. If any issues happens, we will help you to resolve the problem. Also Keep in mind rooting will void your device’s warranty.


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